A Business Improvement Process for
Small and Medium Business

All too often, businesses today need to deal with a range of pressures, forces and disruptions merely to maintain their market position. The challenge is that maintaining the status quo is no longer enough as the market is changing and adapting too fast.

Statistics in Australia* continue to show the increasing rate at which businesses fail. Sometimes they fail because the owners have not researched their offer in the market and just get it wrong. Sometimes the market moves on faster than owners notice.

And sometimes, it is because the owners or leaders in the business are so consumed with running the operations, they do not give enough time to THINKING about their business and its success in the future.

How would you like to:

  • Increase your Competitive Advantage by as much as 67%*

    Generate 43% sales growth more than the average*

    Achieve the freedom to build your net worth 44% more than the average

    Make Excellence the minimum standard in all that you do?
  • hand growth

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This can be achieved by thinking differently about your business; Making different decisions and then taking different actions.
Thinking Differently helps you to ensure your business is strong enough and agile enough to meet and beat the pressures pushing against it in today’s market place.

Management innovation is going to be the most enduring
source of Competitive Advantage.
Gary Hamel

Competitive Strength Review

What is really happening in your business?

Are you and your senior team thinking about improving operations and reducing expenses?
Or are you consciously thinking about how to strengthen your competitive advantage so you stay well ahead of your competitors both now and in the future?

Are you running a business with 10+ people, determined to improve profitability?
When did you last deliberately identify which elements in your business could be leveraged for growth?

These questions are the key to ensuring you remain focused on your Competitive Advantage.

The Competitive Strength Review is a fast, inexpensive, comparative assessment of your business’ Competitive Advantage which includes your Competitive Strength, Competitive Fitness, as well as the force and relevance of the Abyss which exists beneath your business.

The Competitive Strength Review is a facilitated discussion with you as business leader first, followed by your team(s), to discuss your competitive ranking. We also determine what needs to happen to secure your competitive strength, how you might leverage your competitive fitness and which forces within the Abyss are likely to disrupt your operations negatively.

There are too many pressures exerting themselves on business and change is being driven by a combination of multiple factors much faster than ever before.

Continuing to do what you have always done is no longer enough to secure a profit, stay ahead of your competitors or leave your legacy with your business.

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Our Partners Views

G Grieve, MD Health Care Manufacturer

“Our top team used the Competitive Strength Report to pinpoint and discuss critical factors in the success of our business. We were surprised to discover how easily the Report highlighted important differences in emphasis and perspective between the directors. These insights enabled us to review and refocus on our priorities and get consensus on the real strategic issues that lie ahead”.
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This is where you can always find the competitive advantage.

Sam Walton

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