A leading edge business toolset

The Competitive Strength Review is the result of a number of highly experienced and insightful business people who have joined together with Prof Vinod Singhal to bring you an easily accessible, fast, accurate assessment of your own competitive advantage.

  • Barbara Craven,
    Australia Manager
    I am delighted to share with you this unique business toolset, designed specifically for business leaders who seek to lead their industry and provide excellence for their stakeholders.

    Lets talk together to see how you may benefit from these insights.

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  • 3505142 terry
    Terry Murphy
    is Chief Editor of the Competitive Strength Report.

    He lead the development process including product structure, IT foundation, sales and marketing of the CSR as he brought it to the market 6 years ago.
    He is an international Publisher of business toolkits used to support business change and transformation.
    He is passionate about marketing, sales, Executive Coaching and business transformation.
    His shared expertise and ongoing experience in Executive leadership has been reflected in the change processes and recommendations made within the report.

  • steve goodman
    Steve Goodman
    is a contributing editor to the Competitive Strength Report. His passion is transforming business through his ability to uniquely combine people and process in order to achieve a strategic goal.
    Steve has been significantly successful in numerous senior management roles in international companies. He shares his experience of engaging and leading others in a transforming businesses.
    These insights have enabled us to ensure the Competitive Strength Report actually works with senior teams and delivers business results through people.
  • tonyericson
    Tony Ericson

    He is a contributing editor to the Competitive Strength Report. His passion and expertise lies in business transformation and performance improvement. Tony has a particular gift of being able to take the complex and keep it straightforward.

    This has helped us ensure the Competitive Strength Report remains accurate and easy to use for clients of all sizes and backgrounds.

    Tony is passionate about helping leaders transform their organizations and achieve goals they did not think possible.

  • singhal_vinod_profile
    Vinod Singhal
    is Professor of Operations Management at the Scheller College of Business at Georgia Institute of Technology. It is his research that forms the foundation of the Competitive Strength Report.

    He is also Area Coordinator of Operations Management, and the Associate Director for the Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies, an industry center funded by the Sloan Foundation.

    Steve and Tony heard Vinod speaking on Quality and immediately recognized that businesses would benefit hugely if they had access to these insights and research results.
    They contacted Terry – and the rest is history as they say.